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Lawyer or Union Representative (for Employees subject to Investigation)?
July 10, 2017   |  (0) Comments

Being informed that one is under investigation will cause, at least, some amount of discomfort to that individual. The consequences… Read More

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Micro Managers

Employers have an absolute right to micromanage. True or false?


Micromanaging, issuing write-ups, exposing an employees sensitive private information, a pattern of negligence, keeping you out of the loop on projects, increased supervision and the like may be symptoms of a bigger problem.

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Employers may let a probationary employee go for any reason. Right?


Probationary employees have rights, as well.

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An employee who resigns is without further recourse?

Not Necessarily

An organizations materials may try to steer an employee away from resigning. Doing so may be an attempt to dissuade the individual from availing any remedies and benefits available under a finding of a constructive discharge

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Employees should bring a representative to an investigation.


Employees should bring a represenative familiar with employee rights involving the rules of evidence (relevance, hearsay, etc.) and the rules of law (Weingarten, 5th Amendment, Due Process, etc.) whether it be a union rep or attorney.

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